SureAdhere VDOT is an asynchronous (store-and-forward) system that includes a simple mobile application used by patients to record and send videos of every medication dose ingested.


Healthcare providers can then view the date and time stamped videos on SureAdhere’s HIPAA compliant web portal to document each medication dose taken. VDOT can be used to document medication side effects reported by patients.


Patient Mobile Application

Patients can take medications when and where it works best for them, meaning greater patient comfort, improved adherence, and fewer unobserved doses throughout treatment

SureAdhere’s simple, secure mobile application is icon-driven, so literacy and language preference is never a barrier for patients.

The mobile application is Apple iOS and Android compatible, so patients may use their own device or one supplied by their healthcare provider.

HIPAA Compliant Provider Webportal

The provider web portal is a HIPAA compliant cloud-hosted web interface for healthcare providers to securely log in and review patient videos, enter data regarding medication adherence to prescribed regimens and generate (individual or aggregate) compliance reports.



HIPAA compliant

Exportable treatment records and analytics reports


Patient SMS and email medication reminders


Providers notified when doses are missed


Time- and date-stamped videos


Symptom and side-effect tracking

Supports split or intermittent dosing schedules

Support for multiple languages